Your 1 Plumber is a licensed, full-service, residential plumbing expert.

We repair and install virtually any plumbing, gas, water, drain and sewer related systems.

If you've been struggling with a high water bill and can't seem to wrap your head around it-it may be because of a faulty faucet.

Duct tape isn't enough to fix the squeaking, screeching gargling sounds emitting from underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink. But when you're troubled with a rusty, discolored and leaking faucet, it's time to seek professional help.

Faucets are equipment that regulate the flow of water through baths, sinks and pipelines. They're an essential part of your kitchen and bathroom. If you notice water dripping after turning off the knob' it's a sign of a faulty faucet. A broken handle, rust and odd sounds are also signs to investigate the matter.

Sometimes faucets become loose. When this happens, a loose handle will slowly grate away from the valve it's attached to. When the screws become rusty or worn out, it's important to have them replaced by a professional, in case they fall out and the faucet needs to be replaced.

At Your 1 Plumber, we are committed to finding simple yet effective solutions to your plumbing woes. We understand that defected pipelines and plumbing systems can lead to costly water damages. That is why we are dedicated to supplying you with affordable, reliable and valuable services that cater to your requirements.

No matter how major or minor the leak-we can fix them all! Our team of plumbers is certified professionals and use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to handle the job.

Fixing faucets must be handled professionally because a plumbing service is similar to the tire of a car-you can change it from time to time but a good service will last longer and prove to be more reliable, trustworthy and valuable than a cost-effective and defected tire!

When you're hiring a professional plumber, it's imperative that you let a certified and licensed technician with verifiable resources handle your plumbing problems.

Not only do you want to reduce your water costs, you want plumbing solutions you need to invest in once-not every couple of months!

From minor to complex emergencies, our technicians are ever-ready to take on new challenges. Having a minimum experience of 10 years, you can rely on our expertise and quick-thinking plumbers to handle the job efficiently, safely and more important-professionally!

You can count on our reliable, courteous, trustworthy and honest team to get the job in a timely manner. They are more than happy to take on complex problems and answer any questions related to plumbing.

We strive to provide authentic and dependable services. We care and value your time. Our technicians are ever-ready to stop by any time that is convenient to you.

If you do not like our services, we offer money-back guarantee. And to place the cherry on top, our services come with a labor and parts warranty. Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything going awry during or after the plumbing service.

For a quick and effective plumbing service in Palm Beach County Florida, call us today.

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